The Cause Of Aging - North Dakota State University Experiment

Longevity Report 33, page 4.

By Douglas Skrecky
Recently the cause of aging has been discovered by medical researchers. It has turned out to be quite simple. In an experiment at North Dakota State University 19 month old aged mice were given injection of either growth hormone or saline twice a week. After 13 weeks of treatment 39% of the saline mice were still alive. This is normal. Of the growth hormone treated mice 93% were still alive after 13 weeks. This is not normal at all. The injections were then stopped for 6 weeks. During this period all of the remaining saline treated mice died of old age while only 1 out of 20 mice that had received growth hormone expired. The researchers then reinstituted growth hormone injections in the remaining 19 animals for a further 6 weeks. At the end of the experiment 18 mice were still alive. And so with little fanfare the major cause of age associated mortality was discovered. Experiments with aged humans have confirmed that the administration of growth hormone brings about signs of rejuvenation such as reduction of adipose tissue, as well as increases in growth hormone-insulin-like growth factor 1, muscle mass, bone density and skin thickness. The major project left in the field of aging is to discover why growth hormone secretion is suppressed with increasing age.

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